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ROUND F/F-Top half-height turnstile has the sophisticated design, optimal capacity above standard user´s comfort. The dominant use of glass for turnstile wings construction and guiding railings provides an open and elegant look. The different design of coloured glass makes it possible to integrate ROUND F/F-Top turnstile to any environment. To ensure the access of immobile pedestrians and to realize safety regulations, the ROUND F/F-Top turnstile can be suitably completed by PEGAS gates and make compact and complex entrance control system in combination.


Unit type

  • Half-height motorized revolving turnstile with side glass panels, bi-directional passage mode (ROUND F)
  • Half-height motorized revolving turnstile with side glass panels and top panel, bi-directional passage mode (ROUND F-Top)

Barrier type

  • 3 glass wings

Installation environment

  • Indoor

Options & accessories

  • Go Call - visual passage confirmation
  • Logo etching
  • Remote control
  • Ramp LT (mounting bases)
  • Alternative material


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TelefonTech Support
+6221 5316 0862

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