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Outdoor Speed Gate - EasyGate SPT Outdoor

15. October

EasyGate SPT-Outdoor is developed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. All the components are resistant to rain, snow, sand, different humidity and temperature.

Brand new speed gate

15. October

We have developed new speed gate - EasyGate LiftCall in luxurious design with elevator assignment feature.

Cominfo's technical training 2018

27. April

On 24th and 25th of April, 24 of our partners from 12 countries took part in a technical training course in our company.

DUAL RFID Reader Silver A’ Design Award 2018

26. April

Our Dual RFID reader has won the Silver A' Design Award & Competition in Security and Surveillance Products design category. Thanks to cooperation with Novo Design. 

EasyGate turnstile Golden A’ Design Award

24. May

Our EasyGate turnstile has been granted the Golden A´Design Award in Security and Surveillance Products Design Category by International Design Academy. Thanks to our design studio NOVO Design for cooperation.

EasyGate IM in 200 George Street, Sydney, Australia

22. June

EasyGate IM turnstiles from Cominfo have been installed in 200 George Street office tower in Sydney, Australia.

Main task was an installation of an integrated access control system, lift destination control system and turnstile solution to limit building access to only authorized occupants and visitors whilst speeding up pedestrian movement in to and up through the building.

The final solution incorporated a Schindler PORT access and lift destination control system integrated with EasyGate IM so when staff enter the building they scan their card at the turnstile, which in turn directs them to the next available lift going to their specific floor whilst verifying they can access the building at that specific time.

For 200 George Street the EasyGate pedestals where clad in the same stone as the reception desks and the metal work was finished in black to ensure the swing speed gates complemented the overall design concept for the buildings striking lobby. The Schindler PORT display and reader were also custom built in to the Easygate pedestals to provide maximum ease of use to the tenants whilst ensuring a streamlined look.

EasyGate IM uses glass barriers of up to 1.2m in height, in conjunction with state-of-the-art optical technology to provide high throughput security gate. The bi-directional glass barriers are designed to works in a “normally closed” mode and swing open after a valid card has been presented to allow the authorized user to pass. The barriers are designed to close quickly behind the authorized person to deter tailgaters whilst the IR sensors monitor the lane to detect unauthorized entry and ensure the safety of users.

BAR One range video

1. April

We are pleased to present you new BAR One range video. Regarding the video we created also Cominfo Youtube channel. Please watch the video in the following Youtube link.

EasyGate IM

19. November

A modern unique entry solution with innovative design.
For more information see EasyGate IM datasheet.

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